• Fireworks for release of Writing through the Fog by Shana Ronayne

    Writing through the Fog is Here!

    In Writing through the Fog, a first-of its-kind guide, I present unique and sometimes surprising tips to keep a foggy brain focused and writing.  I began struggling with MS-related brain fog more than a decade ago, and relearning to write became my obsession. …

  • Perfectionism

    Imperfectionism: A Guide to Slaying Your Writing Goblin

    Perfectionism is fueled by the goblin that sits in our brain diligently thwarting our writing dreams.  It whispers that we’re no good, that our writing is no good, that no one will want to read our words, and if they…

  • Weekly Writing Exercise: What's Missing

    Weekly Writing Exercise: What’s Missing?

    Find a photograph (a candid photograph works best, but any will do) and sit with it for a few minutes.  Imagine the full scene – the photographer, the people and things not seen, the moment just before the photo was taken and…

  • Finding Feedback: Your Customized MFA

    Beta Readers and Writing Partners: Finding Feedback

    So, you've implemented writing deadlines, and now, after meeting them for a while, you have a piece you're (maybe a bit tremulously) ready to show to someone else.  But who?  Who should read these tender words you’ve labored so arduously…

  • Weekly Writing Exercise: Escapism

    Weekly Writing Exercise: Escaping

    What does the word "escape" mean to you? There's the spa-like definition, fleeing danger, retreating into a world of fantasy or a television show or novel, breaking free from conventions or restraints, absconding from the law, dying, leaving the rat race....

  • Weekly Writing Exercise: The Proust Questionnaire

    Weekly Writing Exercise: The Proust Questionnaire

    When Marcel Proust was a young teenager, he answered a questionnaire of the sort popular in the late 19th century.  That questionnaire can help you to delve thoroughly into your characters, to get to know them more intimately and profoundly.

  • Weekly Writing Exercise - Use the News

    Weekly Writing Exercise: Use the News

    Whether you greedily devour each day's news or you shun it altogether (like I do), this writing exercise will turn the scraps of the day into fodder for your creative mind.