• Fireworks for release of Writing through the Fog by Shana Ronayne

    Writing through the Fog is Here!

    In Writing through the Fog, a first-of its-kind guide, I present unique and sometimes surprising tips to keep a foggy brain focused and writing.  I began struggling with MS-related brain fog more than a decade ago, and relearning to write became my obsession. …

  • Weekly Writing Exercise: What's Missing

    Weekly Writing Exercise: What’s Missing?

    Find a photograph (a candid photograph works best, but any will do) and sit with it for a few minutes.  Imagine the full scene – the photographer, the people and things not seen, the moment just before the photo was taken and…

  • Weekly Writing Exercise: Escapism

    Weekly Writing Exercise: Escaping

    What does the word "escape" mean to you? There's the spa-like definition, fleeing danger, retreating into a world of fantasy or a television show or novel, breaking free from conventions or restraints, absconding from the law, dying, leaving the rat race....

  • Weekly Writing Exercise: The Proust Questionnaire

    Weekly Writing Exercise: The Proust Questionnaire

    When Marcel Proust was a young teenager, he answered a questionnaire of the sort popular in the late 19th century.  That questionnaire can help you to delve thoroughly into your characters, to get to know them more intimately and profoundly.

  • Weekly Writing Exercise - Use the News

    Weekly Writing Exercise: Use the News

    Whether you greedily devour each day's news or you shun it altogether (like I do), this writing exercise will turn the scraps of the day into fodder for your creative mind.

  • Weekly Writing Exercise - First Lines

    Weekly Writing Exercise: First Lines

    Visit a library or bookstore and choose a book by an author you’ve never read, a book about which you know nothing.  Crack it open and copy down the first sentence, then close it and put it back on the…