Weekly Writing Exercise: Write What You See - Shana Ronayne

Weekly Writing Exercise: Write What You See

From my book: Writing through the Fog


Write What You See

Wherever you are, look around and spend five or ten minutes writing down everything you notice.  Is there a cracked bowl on the kitchen counter waiting to be mended?  A stack of firewood beside the stove?  Is the dog sleeping more than usual?  Anything goes.  Describe each thing in a way that piques your interest, in a way that would make you want to read more if you came across the description in a book.  Do you like simple descriptions that leave much to the imagination, or do you prefer more elaboration and detail?  Is the broken bowl simply a bowl, or does it suggest something more?  Spend some time on this; don’t simply dash off a few descriptions and call it done.  Look deeply.

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