Weekly Writing Exercise: Brain Dump

Weekly Writing Exercise: Brain Dump

From my book: Writing through the Fog


Before you begin each session, write out two or three pages of thoughts – essentially, journaling.  Take anything and everything that’s on your mind and put it on the page.  If there are dishes in the sink and you know you’ll be thinking about them during your writing session, jot it down.  If your income taxes are sitting half-finished on the kitchen table, write about how figuring out what you owe is somehow both horrifying and mind-numbingly dull at the same time.  If you had a fight with your brother, write about what a poop-face he is.  If  you’re worried about the gold-chained new beau your daughter brought home, pour it all onto the page.  It doesn’t have to be good writing.  In fact, it shouldn’t be good writing.  You’re just trying to loosen up your writer’s brain just a bit and empty your mind of any nagging thoughts that might interfere with your writing session.  Don’t reread, don’t edit and don’t spend time looking for the perfect phrase.  Just write it down and move on to the next thought.

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